Irish Distillers Relaunches Red Spot Irish Whiskey

Red Spot Irish Whiskey

Irish Distillers is relaunching Red Spot Irish Whiskey, the premier offering in the Spot Whiskey portfolio. Crafted from an old recipe handed down by the Mitchell & Son family of wine merchants, the reimagined Red Spot is a triple-distilled, single pot still Irish whiskey that’s been matured for 15 years in a combination of American Bourbon casks, Oloroso sherry butts and Sicilian Marsala fortified wine casks.

Red Spot is described as having aromas of “Pot Still spices with rich cooked fruit, baked apple, mango, black cherry, hazelnut and a touch of new leather fused with toasted American Oak” and “a mix of ripe fruit sweetness, sweet red pepper, cracked black pepper, American Oak and barley” on the palate, with “an extra long infusion of fruits and spices” on the finish.

The Spot Whiskies used to consist of 7 year old Blue Spot, 10 year old Green Spot, 12 year old Yellow Spot, and 15 year old Red Spot. Due to dwindling stocks, all but Green Spot were discontinued in the mid-twentieth century and Green Spot lost it’s 10 year old age statement. In 2014, Irish Distillers relaunched Yellow Spot and had recently been teasing a Red Spot relaunch prior to the official announcement. Irish Distillers have also dropped hints that Blue Spot may be relaunched in the future.

Red Spot Irish Whiskey is bottled at 46% ABV and will be available in Ireland this month, with a global rollout to follow in early 2019. It carries a suggested price of €115/$130.

Photo credit: Spot Whiskeys.
Source: Spot Whiskeys.

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