About One More Dram

Who Are We?

One More Dram was founded by two friends with a passion for whisky. We regularly get together to swap samples of recently opened bottles and share a dram in good company. We believe that good whisky is for drinking in even better company, and no bottle is off limits, regardless of how old, rare, or expensive.

Elias Aoude

Jayson Saba

Review Methodology

In order to remain unbiased, all spirits we review come from our own, private collections and we do not accept free bottles or samples in exchange for reviews or promotion.

Our rating scale:

  • 90-100: Exceptional. As close to perfection as possible.
  • 80-89: Great. The strong points over shadow any minor flaws that might exist.
  • 70-79: Good. May have minor flaws that bring down the overall experience.
  • 60-69: Sub-Par. Seriously flawed. Not recommended neat, but may be suitable on the rocks or as a mixer.
  • 0-59: No redeeming qualities. Not recommended.

Please note that our ratings are based on overall enjoyment. Price is not taken into consideration because value is subjective.

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